1 - Introduction

1.1 - DACS

1.2 - DWH tools

1.3 - (webinterface)

1.4 - Features and Functions

1.5 - Requirements

2 - Data Managing Tool (SDB/UDB)

3 - Webinterface

3.1 - Molsearch

Search types:

We use the jchemsearch routine of chemaxon. More information concerning the different search types please click here. We currently substructure, similarity and duplicate Search are implemented on the web interface because these were the most requested types to search structures here.

Similarity search:

For an effective search it is necessary to transform Chemical Structures into a more comprehensible format for the computer. Therefor we use the chemical hashed fingerprint of chemaxon. This kind of fingerprint is a bit string that represent the chemical structure. For more information please click here here.

Screening config:

With this parameter you can choose three different similarity metrics during a search. We offer Tanimoto, Tverski and Euclidean. All of this metric are implemented in the jchem suite of chemaxon. For more information please click here here.

Similarity threshold:

This parameter set the threshold for hit acceptance. The higher the threshold the higher the similarity of the hit structures, the less the hit count.

Max. hit:

Is the maximal hit count for a structure search.

3.2 - Table view

3.3 - Filter view

3.4 - Detail view

3.5 - Download Marvin Recommendation for SD-File viewing

4 - Search Metrics and Descriptors


Is a solubility Model developed by Jörg Wichard. If you use this descriptor please cite:
J. Wichard, R. Kuehne Predicting aqueous solubility from structure; Journal of the University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Proceedings of the 20. IWKM, 28.-29. Oct 2009. Reference Link

ADMET Aqueous Solubility:

We calculate this descriptor with Accelrys Enterprise Platform, Pipeline Pilot. The Reference for this value is:
Cheng, A. and Merz, Jr., K. "Prediction of aqueous solubility of a diverse set of compounds using quantitative structure-property relationships," J. Med. Chem., 2003, 46, 3572-3580.

Molecular Solubility:

This descriptor correspond with the Accelrys Enterprise Platform, Pipeline Pilot. The method used to estimate the solubility is the published multiple linear regression model:
"Estimation of Aqueous Solubility of Chemical Compounds Using E-State Indices" by Tetko et al., J Chem Inf. Comput. Sci, 2001, 41, 1488-1493.

Polar Surface Area:

Calculate the polar Surface of a molecular structure base on the 2D topology. The method for this descriptor is:
"Fast calculation of molecular polar surface area as a sum of fragment based contributions and its application to the prediction of drug transport properties", Ertl, P., Rohde, B., Selzer, P., J. Med. Chem. 2000, 43, 3714-3717.

5 - FAQ

How can I check the Java version on my computer?

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Please press the Windows Key + R and type in cmd to get the windows command line. Now type in the order:

java  –version

After confirmation of the command, a meaningful message should appear e.g. of the installed Java version on your system

java version "1.7.0_51"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.7.0_51-b13)
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What is the optimal browser for DACS access?

There are many different versions of browsers, and it is very difficult to maintain them all. We recommend following web browsers:
- Firefox
- Chrome
We advise all interested user to upgrade to the latest browser version for safer internet browsing.
Note for Internet Explorer users
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